Wtb Volt Saddle Cromo Rails

WTB Volt Saddle
The Volt is our most popular mountain saddle. Shaped for speed and comfort, time tested and proven, the Volt makes for an incredibly versatile saddle that has gained endless acclaim among riders.

. Medium padding thickness and subtle curves make the Volt our most popular mountain saddle.
. An upward curved tail and gentle drop to the nose provide something to push against while pedalling.

. Gravel – Cross Country – Trail – Enduro – Bikepacking

. Narrow 135 x 265mm
. Medium 142 x 265mm
. Wide 150 x 265

Choosing a saddle for your bike can be difficult as there are soooooo many options. Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can hep you narrow down the options and choose the best bicycle saddle to suit your ride style and budget. Fit it to your bike yourself, or have our mechanics do the job for you in our workshop. Make your saddle your bestie and enjoy the experience.