Product Information

Mountain Bikes – also known as MTB’s

Mountain bikes are designed for riding on anything from rather smooth dirt roads to full on aggressive downhill trails and everything in between. A very basic mountain bike is also great for general purpose riding on cycle paths and bitumen roads.

Hardtail mountain bikes have front suspension forks that provide not only comfort on rough terrain, but also increase the riders ability to control the ride.

Dual suspension MTB’s are awesome for superior comfort and control when rough, fast and aggressive trails are what you are seeking.

There are many different styles of MTB’s but these can basically be categorized into several different ride styles

  • Cross country – where the trails can be gnarly, but not particularly have a lot of huge drop-offs on the track. Cross country trails can be anything from wide Typically 120mm - 130mm of suspension travel on this style of MTB.
  • Trail – this style involves a little more aggressive riding requiring a bit more travel in the suspension to soak up a few more bumps to keep the rider in control. Typically 130mm – 140mm of suspension travel.
  • Enduro – the rider on an enduro style MTB wants to smash the downhill trails but still maintain the ability to ride up hill too thereby not relying on shuttles.



eBikes are also known as electric bikes, power assist, pedal assist, battery operated bikes etc.

These bikes have come into a world of their own with major changes in technology allowing riders to go further and harder than they could in their own. Don’t mistake an eBike as just a lazy way to get around though as you still have to pedal for the motor to engage. You stop pedalling and the motor stops too! Up until fairly recently, a battery powered bicycle was relegated to those who should have hung up their cycling gear a few years earlier but just couldn’t do so. They were relatively heavy and cumbersome with hub motors being the only main option available. Nowadays, the weight of the bike is significantly less and mid-drive motors make for a more natural ride feel. Batteries are easier and quicker to charge and maintain. On board easy to use information allows the rider to know exactly how much power they have available making trip planning much easier.

eBikes come in all shapes and sizes including hybrids, folding and tricycles.

The electric bicycle revolution is not restricted to the recreational rider and commuter though. Power assisted MTB’s are capable of taking you to those remote places off the beaten track. Shredding it downhill more your style? Then you won’t miss out either with dual suspension eBikes helping you get to the top of your favourite trail. And with power assistance, you can do it again and again and again.


FIST Hand Wear Gloves

Just a little outside the square for design and style. These gloves are popular amongst MTB, BMX and scooter riders. There is a style to suit every taste and some pretty famous rider names behind them. But don't think these are all show. FIST gloves are made tough for what you can dish out and will last the distance. Check out the great range of colours and styles for your next ride.