Veetire Crown Gem 24 X 2.25 Wire Bead Tyre


Vee Bicycle Tyre / 24 x 2.25
The Crown Gem is a versatile tyre that excels in numerous conditions, and across multiple riding styles no matter how small you are at a very competitive weight. Its unique tread pattern features specially-designed side knobs for cornering control with an aggressive centre knob for added traction and speed. The directional specific tread with siped tread blocks offers ultimate driving and braking traction, with comfort and damping that will keep you in control all day long.

MPC compound As the name suggests, our Multi-Purpose Compound is an all-terrain, all-condition rubber that is packed with our cutting edge technologies. MPC is made from a 56a rubber for prolonged durability, puncture protection and long tyre life.

The Vee Rubber Group has been around since 1977 and has been producing tyres for the global market for over 40 years . The Vee Tire Co was established in 2013 to focus on developing high performance cycling products. Using their experience in manufacturing and with help from some of the sport’s top athletes, they have produced a number of products that have won races and performed at the highest level of many cycling disciplines. Vee Tire Co not only manufacture their own tyres but they also manufacture tyres for many other tyre brands.

There are multitudes of different bicycle tyres available and it can be somewhat challenging to find the best bicycle tyre to suit your ride style and budget. Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you understand the technologies to make the best choice.