Ulac Neo Porter Universal Bag 1 Litre Various Colours

Ulac Neo Porter Cycling Bag 1 litre.
Attaches to the bike with velcro straps.
Designed to hold a water bottle, umbrella, wallet, keys, phone or so many other things you need to take with you. When you're at your destination, the bag comes with you in just a snap.

. 170mm (H) x 100mm (R) 1.0L
. Lightweight 77g / 0.17lbs
. Fits most Bikes and E-Bikes
. Attaches perfectly on Top Tube, Handlebar, Stem and Saddles
. Soft touch / Scratch free
. Padded protection

There's always something you need to take with you on your ride. This little cycling bag is handy for all those items you want to keep close at hand. We stock a huge range of cycling bags and saddle packs at Wollongong Bike Hub and our friendly team are their to help you choose the best cycling bags and accessories to make your ride experience one you want to repeat.