Time Speciale 8 Enduro Pedal Orange

Reliable Performance in All Conditions
This pedal is composed of an aluminium body that is slightly more compact than the SPECIALE 12, yet it offers a stable platform and four adjustable pins for optimal grip. The micro-adjustable tension clamping system allows riders to fine-tune the pedal function for their preferred riding style. TIME's patented clamping system allows for easy entry and positive, predictable release, as well as a self-cleaning design to ensure reliable performance in all conditions.

Key Features
. Reliable performance in all conditions
. Adjustments to fine tune for riding preferences
. Cleats included with all pedal purchases

. Axle component: Hollow steel axle . Bearings: Steel . Body component: Aluminium . Cleats: ATAC cleats . Pedal stack height: 19mm . Angular freedom: n/a . Contact surface area: n/a . Distance pedal spindle / crank arm: 54mm . Lateral freedom: n/a . Release angle: 10 with ATAC Easy cleats, 13 or 17 with ATAC cleats . Tension: Micro adjustment . Threading: 9/16 - 20 inch . Weight (per pedal): 196g . Colour (Pedal): Black . Accessories: ATAC CLEATS AND 10 GRIP SCREWS . Intended Use: Enduro . Power Measurement: Not Compatible