Thule Yepp 2 Mini Front Mount Child Seat Alaska

Iconic design for everyday bike rides
Smart and functional child bike seat with a personality, designed for everyday rides.

Iconic design and inspiring colours
Made for easy commutes and everyday rides with great functionality, this iconic child bike seat has a great new look with colors to match. It has been carefully updated to honour the heritage of the classic design, while adding a modern design language for new generations. The updated colour palette reflects an urban modern lifestyle - stylish, inspiring, and made for activity.

Tested to the limit
At the Thule Test Center in Hillerstorp, Sweden, our rigorous internal testing ensures our products can handle the toughest conditions. After all, our child bike seats are made for the most important people in the world. Below are just some of the many tests we conduct.

Durability tests
Used to evaluate the performance under conditions such as those that might be encountered during use on rough or uneven terrain.

Wear and tear simulations
Specialized tests that are used to evaluate the child bike seats over time, to assess their durability and long-term performance.

Drop tests
This test drops the product with a specific impact forces that might be encountered while the product is in use.

. Soft and shock-absorbing foam seat that lets your child travel in comfort
. Adjustable footrests and foot straps ensure a perfect fit as your child grows
. Available in frame, rack, and front versions
. Easy mounting of the child bike seat on your bike - compatible with most bike models
. Childproof safety buckle secures your child quickly and easily
. Adjustable padded 5-point safety harness for a safe, custom fit and maximum child comfort
. Comfortable handlebar for your child's hands during the ride
. Water-repellent materials make the seat easy to clean and to keep dry
. High-quality metal lock that secures the child bike seat to your bike included
. Designed and tested for children from 9 months* to 3 years old, up to 33 lbs/15 kg. (*Consult a paediatrician for children under 1 year old.)

Technical Specifications
. Max. child weight: 15 kg
. Safety harness: 5-point
. Meets safety standards: yes
. Max. height of the child: 93 cm
. Weight: 2.4
. Colour: Alaska

Front seats reduce the manoeuvrability of the bicycle