Thule Epos 3 Bike Platform Rack

Thule Epos bike rack fits all types of bikes and is fast, easy and convenient to use ? it takes minimal effort to mount bikes thanks to an innovative telescopic bike attachment system. The bike arms simply let you attach your bike anywhere on the frame or the rear wheel, providing you with numerous attachment options. You can load and unload up to three bikes in any order ? all types of frames and geometries are supported, including ebikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and bikes with fenders and racks.

Fast and easy loading and unloading of all types of bikes and ebikes. The patented telescopic bike arms with?pivoting cradle and steel reinforced straps attach to the bike frame or rear wheel.
The high load capacity of 30kg/bike makes it possible to transport heavy ebikes
Generous 25cm distance between bikes reduces risk of bike-to-bike contact
Extra-long wheel holders enable easy transport of bikes with long wheelbases, up to 1350mm
Ratcheting pump buckles and wheel straps for easy fastening of tires up to 3,2? (up to 5" tires with a separately sold accessory)
Fully foldable for convenient installation, handling, and storage
With bikes mounted, the trunk is accessible with a smart foot pedal tilt. Without bikes, the trunk is accessible without tilt
Easy and quick mounting and adjustment of the bike carrier to the towbar before closing tightening handle thanks to self-stabilizing coupling
Ergonomic transport of the bike rack thanks to the integrated transport wheels and carrying handle
Wide range of innovative accessories available such as the Thule Epos Bike Repair Holder and Thule High Grade Lock, developed by ABUS, for added security (accessories sold separately)
Locks your bikes to the bike carrier and your carrier to the car (locks included). The Thule High-Grade Lock developed together with ABUS is sold as a separate accessory