Syncros Trail 2 Fender 36/38 Boost Black

Syncros Trail Fender 2
This successful fender is specifically designed for the latest generation of FOX 36 forks as well as FOX 38 fork models. The fender mounts directly to the fork using two screws in the crown and the bleeding ports - no zipties here! Integration at it's finest, now with added mud protection compared to the first generation with additional seal protection thanks to the side walls. 2 Torx screws, Torx and Hex.13 Tools included for installation. Check the guide first.

. Compatible with FOX 36 latest fork generation and FOX 38 fork model
. Improvement on original design
. Optimized fit through two screws on fork arch plus anchorage on bleeding ports
. Additional seal protection thanks to side walls
. Mounted with 2 supplied Torx screws
. Torx and Hex.13 Tools included

Material: High impact resistant Composite
Weight: 63g approx.
Dimensions: 261 x 164mm
Size: One size

No longer are mudguards relegated to the commuter. Mud and crud is no good for any rider, especially if it's on your face and in your eyes. MTB mudguards have been developed and refined over the years to do the job with a minimalist approach. Like this Syncros Trail Fender. Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you choose the best MTB mudguards to suit your bike. We stock a great range of MTB's and accessories to help you enjoy the MTB experience.