Sram Guide Trail Disc Brake Pads Metal Scintered/steel Backing Plate

The Elixir BrakePads from SRAM are designed to slow you down in a hurry. These Trail Brakes provide stronger, quiter braking power in dry conditions (suited to Australia).


Suitable for wet conditions
Strong & reliable braking power
Resists fade better under heavier braking loads
Long life expectancy
High heat resistance
Designed to fit X0 Trail callipers metallic pads
Package: 1 x pair brake pads
Suits: Avid X0 Trail, Elixir 9 Trail, Elixir 7 Trail, SRAM Guide (4-piston)
SUGGESTED USES: Downhill, Trail, Guide


Sintered, metallic brake pads with steel carriers
Compound: metallic
Backing Plate: steel