Sram Eagle Xx1 Copper Chain 12 Spd

The engineers at SRAM have put a huge amount of fanatical detail into every aspect of the XX1 Eagle chain to make to provide you with the ultimate combination of consistent performance, uncompromising strength, ultra-light weight, and silky smooth, whisper-quiet operation.

These chains don't just look super fancy but they are loaded with features that make them the quietest, strongest, and most wear-resistant chain you're likely to find anywhere.

Who's this item for: This is a premium chain for riders that demand the best performance you can get. You'll find these chains on plenty of bike in top-level competition, but the fancy finishes also make them a favourite for use on high-end bike builds.

Number of gears: This is a 12 speed chain.

Number of links: 126

Quick joining link: These chains use SRAM's Eagle PowerLock quick joining links wit FLOWLINK technology to provide better chain guiding and enhanced longevity. They still want them to be single-use only though.

Materials / construction: Hollow pin construction for lightweight performance. Ultra-smooth chain inner-plates are completely devoid of square edges, resulting in a chain that engages the cassette and chainring with less friction, and less noise. SRAM's HARD CHROME tech uses a unique finishing process on the inner links and rollers to provide these chains with up to four times the wear resistance of their other chains.

Nickel plated outer plates + PVD: Gold, Black, Copper
Chrome plated inner plates + PVD: Gold, Black
Chrome plated inner and outer plates + PVD: Rainbow
Other component compatibility: Cross-compatible with other Eagle components. 12 speed only and compatible with 10-50t and 10-52t cassettes.

Pros: The ultimate in good looks and long-lasting performance.

Cons: Ultimate performance does come at a cost and these chains certainly aren't cheap.