Shimano Sm-sh11 Spd-sl Cleat Set Yellow

. For SPD-SL, 6-degree float type
. Cleat color: Yellow
. The rigidity rate is designed for a perfect match with SHIMANO SPD-SL pedals.
. This cleat has the appropriate shape for SPD-SL pedals.
. The walkable design has yellow ground contact points to prevent wearing out of the cleat part which engages with the pedal.

A shoe and clipless pedal combo is a great way to use your energy efficiently. Clipless pedals work in conjunction with a cleated shoe type so your shoe and pedal are connected for maximum pedaling efficiency. Don't let all your hard pedaling work go to waste. Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you choose a great shoe and pedal combo that suits your ride style and budget. Clipless pedals and shoes can be used for MTB, gravel riding, DH, road BMX and more. Don't like the idea of being clipped in? Perhaps a flat shoe and pedal combo might suit you better. We carry a great range for all cycling disciplines and preferences.