Rockshox Fender Black/blue

Rockshox MTB Fenders / Bike Favour
Do yourself and your bike a favour!
Optimized for RockShox forks, RockShox MTB Fenders deliver exceptional protection for your fork, with deep side skirts to keep the mud and debris away from the most vital parts of your fork - and your body. Take your bike's customization to the next level with various colour offerings made to match RockShox decal packs - or go black-on-black for that minimalist look. MTB Fenders come complete with four beefy zip ties for installation so you can get to the trailhead sooner and shred with much less mess.

· Works on all RockShox fork models
· Comes with 4 zip ties for immediate installation
· Offered in a wide range of colours that match RockShox's fork decal packs
· Deep side skirts protect stanchions and dust seals from rocks and debris

Remember the days when fenders, aka mudguards, were thought of for commuters, ladies and old fogies bikes???? Well, as they say, everything old is new again. Fenders are certainly not just for these groups of riders. It's no fun trying to see through blinding grit, debris and mud. In fact, it could be very dangerous. These Rockshox fenders are super practical as well as stylish. Thinking of stylish, did you know that Wollongong Bike Hub also stocks a fantastic range of other cycling products like jerseys, shorts, jackets and gloves - just to name a few. Our friendly team can help you choose the best cycling gear to suit your needs and budget.