Raceface Grippler Grips 30 Various Colours

Wrap those meathooks around the cushy comfort of RaceFace Grippler Grips and feel the difference solid hand holds can make. Smart touches around every turn, these grips proprietary rubber compound feels great with or without gloves.

Secret Sauce: Grippler Grips are made with Race Face's own special blend of rubber that's tough as nails and soft to the touch.

Five Finger Death Grip: A directional ramped grip profile under the fingers helps to eliminate slippage no matter how sloppy the conditions.

Coordinate Your Colors: Available in 10 vibrant colours, subject to availability, giving you 10 easy ways to make your bike look extra sick.

Grip Diameter: 30 mm
Material: Rubber
Weight: 108 g
Sold As: Pair

Grips are a focal point of contact with your bike bars. They need to be right for you to stay on and stay in control. We carry a huge selection of grips at Wollongong Bike Hub and our friendly team can help you choose the best bicycle grips to suit your ride style and budget. Most grips can easily be installed at home, however, if you don't feel confident, just book into our workshop and our mechanics can do the job for you.