Quadlock Bikemount Pro

The Quad Lock Bike Mount is the lightest, strongest and most secure Bike Mount for phones in the world.

The patented dual-stage lock is strong enough to lift up to 80kg (yep, we really did test it!). So you can ride with confidence over bumps and jumps knowing that your iPhone, Galaxy or other smartphone isn't going anywhere your bike isn't.

Simply twist and lock to view apps while you ride such as Strava, MapMyRide or Apple maps. Detach just as easily so you don't miss a photo opportunity or important phone call again. Remember, it's all in the technique, not the force.

The Quad Lock Bike Mount fits tube diameters ranging from 25-40mm in diameter.

At Wollongong Bike Hub, we have stocked Quad Lock products for many years. There are a range of products to help you mount your phone to your bicycle very securely. Bicycle accessories can help you get the most out of your cycling experience so it's important to choose what you need. Our team have many years of experience with bicycles and accessories and can help you choose the best bicycle phone mount and other cycling accessories to suit your needs and budget from a simple bell all the way through to a full kit out.