Profile Design Axis Side Cage Black

Profile Design / Water Bottle Holder
The ideal cage for tight frame designs and BTA (between the arms) mounts. The cage body can be flipped for either right side or left side removal.

Side-loader design makes this cage ideal for small/compact frames that leave little room for removing bottles in the typical forward and up motion.

The cage is optimized for BTA (between the arms) bottle mounts where the natural motion is to pull the bottle sideways.

Suitable for both road and mountain use.

Construction: Injected Nylon/Glass fibre

Keeping hydrated on your ride is important. It's easy if you can simply carry your water bottle on your bike. Water bottle cages, also known as bidon cages hold your bottle firm but still allow it to release whilst riding so you don't even have to stop for a drink. But hey, it's not a bad idea to take a break, especially if you have little ones with you. We have a great range of water bottles holders and hydration packs at Wollongong Bike Hub so you can choose something that suits your ride style and budget.