Park Tool Threadlocker Tlr-1

Park Tool / Medium Thread Locker
Park Tool TLR-1 is great for any threaded assembly found on a bicycle, including threaded bottom bracket cups, disc brake rotor bolts, stem bolts, and more. Adds security and longevity to any threaded application while still allowing for future removal. TLR-1 is oil tolerant and compatible with steel and aluminum threads.

. 10 mL (0.34 fl. oz.) bottle
. Competes with Loctite® 242/243™
. Not recommended for titanium threads

NOTICE: When retaining compound or threadlocker is used on carbon fiber frames or components, adhesive primer such as Park Tool AP-1 must first be applied to all component, fastener and frame surfaces. Failure to do so could result in permanently bonded parts.

CAUTION: Some painted surfaces can be sensitive to threadlockers, retaining compounds and primers. Test first on an inconspicuous area to see if it causes a stain or discoloration. Clean off any excess from painted surfaces immediately.

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