Muc Off Punk Powder Cleaner 4 X 30g Sachets

At Muc Off, they don't do things by halves. Punk Powder delivers the signature cleaning power you've come to expect, but with readily biodegradable ingredients and 92% less packaging than two of our standard 1L bottles it truly is a guilt-free gleam! The fast-dissolving formula means it's ready for use within seconds of water being added, and if you want to go full eco-warrior you can even use collected rainwater! It even works with our pressure washer to create an awesome foam for the fastest clean possible.
. Makes 4 x litres of bike cleaner.
. 100% plastic and petroleum free packaging
. Safe to use on all parts, including disc brakes & carbon fibre

Keeping your bike clean gives you a much better ride experience. This Muc Off Punk powder is sure to be one of our best selling cleaning products at Wollongong Bike Hub with its features. Bike maintenance is super important if you want your bike to perform a its best. We can help you choose the best bicycle cleaning and maintenance products to suit your needs. We stock items for all types of bikes including ebikes.