Muc Off Carbon Gripper Paste 75g

The guys here at Muc-Off HQ have been racking their brains to come up with a solution for carbon fibre bike parts slipping. Whether it's your Carbon seatpost having a mind of its own or your Carbon stem is struggling to grip your handle bars, our mad scientists have come up with the answer. May we introduce the all-new, highly advanced Muc Off Carbon Gripper!

. Keeps Carbon parts gripped
. 'Non slip' surface to surface formula
. Specifically designed for Carbon Fibre parts

Carbon fibre parts are a great feature on a bike, but can be a little challenging at times too. At Wollongong Bike Hub we can help you with all your bike maintenance issues including carbon fibre ones. We can help you choose the best bike products to suit the need and we also have a fully equipped workshop if you just need someone else to do the work for you. A well maintained bicycle gives you a much better ride experience.