Michelin Protek Access Line 700 X 38c Wire Bead Tyre


Michelin Protek tyre - 700 x 38
The Protek tyre is an Access Line tyre designed for general purpose everyday use.
Ride on asphalt and tracks with a versatile reinforced tyre. Reflective sidewalls for added safety.
Rolling continuity at the center for greater efficiency.

. More grip: One tread, 2 levels of grip: Gradually increasing number of grooves, more at the shoulders for excellent grip on dry and muddy ground. Rolling continuity at the centre for improved rolling output.
. More protection: 1mm anti-puncture reinforcement providing effective protection for everyday use.
. Use: Asphalt and off road.
. Weight: 760g

Having the right tyres, inflated to the correct PSI, makes a huge difference to your ride comfort and the life of your tyres. There are multitudes of varieties of tread patterns and materials, tube and tubeless, when it comes to bicycle tyres. Matching your ride style with the correct tyre can seem a little daunting. Don't worry, our experienced team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you choose the best bicycle tyre for your ride style and budget. We can assist you navigate all the jargon and what it really means to your ride. We stock a huge range of tyres for road, MTB, BMX, urban, kids bikes and more. Need help installing your new Michelin Protek bicycle tyres? You can always book in to our workshop and have our mechanics do the job for you.