Maxxis Re-fuse Gen 2 700 X 28 Endurance All Season Folding Tyre

Maxxis Re Fuse / Gen II Road Tyre
The new Re-fuse.
The Re-Fuse has been a staple of the Maxxis road line for two decades, garnering a reputation for extreme durability and long tread life. As good as the original Re-Fuse was, there's always room for improvement and that's exactly what we've done with the new generation. The Re-Fuse sports a new tread pattern and a new rubber compound along with improved puncture protection, creating a tyre that is faster, lighter, and also more durable than before. It's still the choice for endurance applications, but the revisions make for a sportier ride. Durable doesn't have to be slow! A slick center with micro knobs for cornering replaces the full diamond knurling of the outgoing Re-Fuse. The new tread pattern is paired with a new full-silica rubber compound that dramatically reduces rolling resistance while also improving grip in wet conditions, meaning that the Re-Fuse can be mounted up and ridden all year long.

. All-new tread pattern with slick center
. Full-silica, all-season rubber compound
. New MaxxShield puncture protection

Everything old is new again - but improved. We have been stocking quality Maxxis bicycle tyres for many years at Wollongong Bike Hub and our friendly team is on hand to help you understand the different tyre technologies so you can choose the best ones to suit your ride style and budget. Tyres are the contact point between you and the ground and therefore, tyre choice has a huge impact on your cycling experience.