Maxxis Dhr Ii 29x2.60 Wt Folding Exo Tanwall Tr

Maxxis Bicycle Tyres for Every Occasion
Maxxis has been the go to tyre for bike riders around the world for generations of cyclists. Maxxis make a tyre for every occasion, from the toughest, gnarliest, high volume DownHill tyre through to trail and gravel tyres all the way to the sleekest, fastest road racing tyres.
Maxxis, Leaders of the Bunch
Maxxis’ commitment, since its founding in 1967, has seen them at the forefront of technological development, determined to offer the best tyres to cyclists of all disciplines. Maxxis lead the bunch in innovation, consulting with the world’s champion riders to make sure their tyres measure up to the very toughest conditions and meet the very highest performance standards
Maxxis, Confidence Inspiring Tyres
Advanced R&D, technologies and equipment are used in the production process to bring the winningest tyres, the safest tyres, confidence inspiring tyres with the aim to delight and inspire every bike rider in the cycling community.
Redesigned and Ready to Shred Any Line
With side knobs borrowed from the legendary Minion DHF, but widened to provide more support, the DHR II corners like no other. The centre tread features ramped leading edges to improve acceleration and sipes to create a smooth transition when leaning the bike. Paddle-like knobs on the centre tread dig in under hard braking and help keep the bike under control. Pair it with a Minion DHF up front for the ultimate aggressive trail riding tyre combo.

• Size: 29X2.60WT"
• ETRTO: 66-622
• TPI: 60
• Weight (g): 1020
• Compound: DUAL
• Max PSI: 40
• Tech: EXO/TR
• Colour: Black with Tan Wall
• Application: MOUNTAIN
• Ramped and siped tread to roll fast
• And tracks straight under braking
• Single-ply, DoubleDown, and DH casings available
• Wide trail (WT) optimized for 30-35mm inner width rims