Lezyne Ktv Pro Alert Rear Light 150 Lumen Daytime

Lezyne KTV / Rear Bicycle Light
. Advanced taillight with "Alert" technology.
. Detects deceleration and changes output
mode correspondingly.
. Max 150 lumens / 20-hour runtime in Femto mode.
. Wide Angle Optics for up to 270deg of visibility.
. Aero and round seatpost compatible.
. Lightweight and durable co-molded design.
. Integrated USB-stick for cable-free recharging.
. Rigorously tested to IPX7 Waterproofing standards.
. 400 mAh battery capacity.
. Weight: 50g

10L / 9hrs

50L / 2hrs

50L / 4hrs

Flash 1
25L / 18hrs

Day Flash
150L / 10.5hrs

5L / 20hrs

Active Alert

Being safe whilst cycling can be a little challenging. Choosing lights to make others aware of your presence greatly reduces your risk of accidental impact. We stock a huge range of bicycle lights at Wollongong Bike Hub and our friendly team can help you choose the best front and rear lights to suit your riding style and budget.