Lezyne Cnc Alloy Wheel Hook Including Mounting Hardware

Lezyne wheel hook bicycle storage system.
Modern, industrial 3-piece bicycle storage system constructed from a durable CNC-machined aluminum. This includes a stylish wall-mounted wheel hook and two tyre plates to prevent scuffing. The wheel hook features a rugged, anti-slip cover which secures the bike and safeguards its rim. A one-time installation allows for simple, space-saving bicycle storage for indoor spaces, garages, or wherever you prefer to hang your bike. It's compatible with all standard bicycles—from BMX to downhill bikes—and can hold up to 70 LBS (32 KGS). Mounting hardware included.

Wheel hook: Max. tyre width: 3.5" / 89mm, Max. rim+tyre depth: 5.1" / 130mm.
Tyre Plates: width 4.75" / 121mm
374 grams

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