Lezyne Abs1 Pro Pump Head Chuck Hp

Lezyne ABS1 Pro Chuck
Designed to pair perfectly with our high-pressure floor pumps, the ABS-1 Pro HV chuck builds on our classic ABS Flip Chuck by introducing 90-degree bend for enhanced ergonomics and usability while still maintaining every bit of the ABS Flip Chuck's legendary durability. The flippable design allows for both Presta and Schrader valve compatibility and threads on for secure, reliable engagement. An integrated Presta valve-core wrench completes the system, providing easy valve core tightening and removal for tubeless systems.

Super easy to use chuck.

We stock a great range of cycling accessories at Wollongong Bike Hub including tools and maintenance products like this Lezyne ABS1 Pro Chuck. Our friendly team can help you with all your bicycle accessory needs. Keep your bicycle tyres inflated to the correct pressure for the best ride. Your tyres have a recommended inflation range on the side wall. Rougher terrain usually requires the lower side of the pressure range whilst smooth, hard surfaces generally require the higher side of the range.