Ks E20 Dropper Post External Cabling No Lever Black

KS E20 Dropper Post External Cable Routing
Looking for a dropper seat post with top-of-the-line features at an affordable price? Look no further than our e20! With its one-piece forged stanchion, cartridge-based architecture, and remote zero cable movement actuation, it's the perfect upgrade for any bike without internal cable routing.

This configuration of external cable routing minimizes excess cable length and ensures a more streamlined and functional dropper seat post system.
Clean aesthetics. Unlike routing the cable to the top of the dropper seat post, this configuration eliminates excess cable hanging off the bike when the seat is at the bottom of its range.
Improved cable management: This design prevents the cable from dangling or getting entangled with other components or the rider's body. It reduces the chances of the cable getting caught on branches, rocks, or other trail hazards, which could lead to cable damage or even accidents.

. External, zero-movement cable routing
. One-piece 3D forged alloy stanchion
. Alloy mast
. Sealed, air sprung hydraulic cartridge
. Short insertion length to travel ratio
. Compatible with all KS remotes
. Remote sold separately. i.e. A remote lever is NOT SUPPLIED with this item

Diameter (mm) Travel (mm) Length (mm) Insert (mm) Weight (g)
30.9 100 370 206 571
30.9 125 425 237 636
30.9 150 480 267 693
31.6 100 370 206 591
31.6 125 425 237 658
31.6 150 480 267 718

A dropper post can change your ride quality. It allows you to have quick and easy control over your saddle height so you can get it in the optimum position for climbing, descending and flat riding. If you're a DIY bike mechanic, you'll find it fairly easy to install one of these KS Dropper Posts. If not, you can always book your bike into our workshop and let our mechanics do it for you. Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you choose the best dropper post and other bicycle accessories to help you enjoy the experience.