Krush Lush Wet Chain Lube 125ml

Krush Lush Wet Lube is a unique blend of essential friction reducing oils, providing your drivetrain the lush goodness it needs to survive the longest grinds and gnarliest weather conditions.

Penetrating deep into your chain links with anticorrosive, load carrying and anti-wearing properties, Lush Wet Lube will deliver super slick shifting, maximum component protection and a significant reduction in drivetrain noise.

Our unique Biodegradable Lush formula is the perfect way to protect your precious drivetrain components and be kind to the planet we ride on!

- Extreme long lasting protection in all conditions
- Biodegradable formula
- Water resistant
- Anti-corrosive
- Slick gear shifting
- Reduces drivetrain noise


First clean drivetrain with KRUSH Ultra Drivetrain Degreaser

Make sure chain and drivetrain are dry before application.

Apply a steady flow of KRUSH Lush Wet Lube to the inside of your chain while cranking the pedals several times.

Wipe off any excess lube from the outside of your chain.

If only there was something similar for the joints in our bodies! Keeping your bike drivetrain clean and maintained will ensure not only a great ride, but will keep your bike components lasting longer which will save you money on replacements. Ask us at Wollongong Bike Hub and Wilson's Bike Hub Albion Park Rail about our many cleaning and maintenance products including lubes, degreasers and bike tools. It takes a little time and effort to maintain your bike, but the rewards are well worth it.