Kids Ride Shotgun 2.0 Seat

The Shotgun 2.0 is your go-to mtb child seat with quick release fitting and zero bike modifications required. With adjustable footpeg positions, the Shotgun 2.0 grows with your child.

. Designed for children 2 – 5 years (up to 60lb / 27kg).
. Frame mounted with full rubber protection (for alloy or carbon frames).
. Quick release fitting for fast installation and removal.
. Adjustable width and angle to fit all modern mountain bikes.
. Two footpeg positions to grow with your child.

( A similar product is the combo: Kids Ride Shotgun 2.0 Handlebar & Seat Combo - when available)

Wow, now it's super easy to take your little one up front for the ride. Traditional child bicycle carriers have struggled to get off the beaten track, but not the Kids Ride Shotgun. We stock a great range of kids bicycle products like this child carrier seat, helmets, gloves, bells, bikes and more. Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you give your child the best start in their bicycling experience. Who knows, it may the start to a world champion!