Kenda Tube 700 X 30-43 48mm Schrader

Kenda Bicycle Tube / Schrader Valve
700 x 30-43C 48mm long valve stem
Kenda's high performance standard tubes give you 1mm thickness of tube for the perfect combination of weight, puncture resistance and air retention.

How to choose the correct tube size.
Take a look at the sidewall of your bicycle tyre. You should find the tyre size imprinted on the side. Choose a tube that fits that size.
Example only:
Tyre size: 27.5 x 2.3
Tube size: 27.5 x 2.00-2.35 is suitable
Tube size: 27.5 x 1.5-1.95 is NOT suitable
Tube size: 26 x 2.00-2.35 is NOT suitable
If in doubt, our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you select the best tube for your bicycle.