Jetblack Volt Ems V2 Smart Trainer


Introducing the Jetblack VOLT V2 – an accessible and rider optimised, performance driven electro magnetic trainer.
The VOLT V2 comes pre-assembled with an 11 speed cassette making it super easy to start riding.
There are no added costs. Attach your bike, CONNECT AND GO.
It has been designed with industry standard protocols and electronics to seamlessly connect with most popular training platforms.
The VOLT V2 is extremely quiet and provides an exceptional riding experience.

. ANT+ FE- C controllable trainer
. Broadcasts ANT+, Speed, Power and Cadence
. Bluetooth FTMS controllable trainer
. Broadcasts Bluetooth, Speed, Power and Cadence
. Connects to Heart rate monitors via BLE and ANT+
. Broadcasts connected Heart rate via BLE
. Spin down calibration

Weight: 20.0 kg
Dimensions: 0.56 × 0.25 × 0.66 cm

Sometimes it's not possible to get out on the road, that's when trainers come into their own. Perhaps the weather is bad, perhaps your lifestyle inhibits training rides. Whatever the situation, you can have a real ride feel experience on an applicable trainer. At Wollongong Bike Hub, we stock a range of stationary cycle trainers to help you enhance your riding. Ask our friendly staff to help you find the best trainer for your needs and budget.