Jetblack Rivet Lockon Grips Various Colours

JetBlack's dedicated product development team came up with the Rivet grip for the rider who needs more to hold onto.
The Rivet is created from their super tacky compound, giving superior dampening shock absorption without compromising on control. The grip's extra large pads deliver JetBlack's signature slip-free performance and comes stock with the new Click Fit Cap System.

. Extra-Wide for Larger Hands And Open Hold
. Optimised Ergonomics to Eliminate Hand Fatigue
. Advanced Super Tacky Rubber Delivers Superior Slip Free Performance
. Maximum Shock Absorbtion to Loosen Your Grip And Keep Your Arms 'Pump' Free
. Extra Large Grip Pads for Comfort And Control
. Water Proof stays dry in all riding conditions
. Dual Lock-On Grip System to Eliminate Grip Rotation
. Low Twist/Torque for Technical Trail Control

Diameter 33mm
Length: Grip / Grip with lockrings 113mm / 133mm
Traction: Super Tacky
Conditions: All Weather

Grips help you stay in contact with your bars so the feel and comfort factors are very important. Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub are ready to help you select the best bike grips to suit your ride style, your lifestyle and your budget.