Hutchinson Haussmann Infinity 29 X 2.4 E50 Wire Bead Tyre


Hutchinson Haussman Bicycle Tyre
We've all been waiting for the Haussmann! With its characteristic design, its onboard technology and its evocative name, the design seems tied to tough conditions and the most hostile boulevards.
Its conception is the culmination of the latest Hutchinson innovations in terms of urban tyres. Its round balloon brings comfort and handling ability. Its large and low central knobs offer the necessary performance to go far without being stuck to the road. The Haussmann is the electric revolution partner!

There are a lot of eBikes around today and Hutchinson have made an eUrban bike tyre that is ready for your town riding and perhaps even a little further afield.
With Infinity reinforcement you know its going to be tough. Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you choose the best bicycle tyres for your bike and riding style. You can fit them yourself or book your bike into our workshop and let our experienced mechanics do the job for you. Fitting charges apply.