Hornit Clug Pro Bike Rack Mtb Xl For Tyre Width 2.3-2.7 Black

Designed in collaboration with FIDLOCK, the CLUG PRO utilises an innovative magnet and ratchet system to ensure your bike always stays secure. Working with your floor to store your bike either vertically or horizontally, the CLUG PRO mtb xl is suitable for bikes with tyres between 58-69mm wide. It mounts easily using the screws and wall plugs provided to masonry and wood.
We go by the ACTUAL tyre width not the manufacturer's size which is often less than stated, so please make sure to measure your tyre before buying if you are close to the top or bottom of the range.

CLUG PRO combines the Eurobike award-winning CLUG with FIDLOCK's innovative magnetic winch handle and ratchet system to ensure your bike always stays secure. Engineered to hold over 30kg once the winch is magnetically locked into place, you can have total peace of mind that your bike will remain rock solid in the event of a hard knock from someone brushing past or deflation of the tyre during long term storage.

Please note: CLUG PRO contains magnets which may be harmful to pacemakers or other sensitive equipment.

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