Hornit Clug Bike Rack For Road Bike Tyre Width 23-32mm White/black

The CLUG is the world’s smallest bike rack. Fix the CLUG to your wall or floor, roll your bike up and ‘CLUG’ it in. CLUG is available in three sizes to suit road, hybrid, or mountain bikes (tyre sizes from 23-62mm) and mounts in minutes using the supplied screws and wall plugs.

• Fixes into brick or timber stud
• Mounting instructions, screw fixings and wall plugs supplied
Fits Tyre Sizes
• Roadie: 23-32mm (1-1.125")
• Hybrid: 33-43mm (1.3-1.7")
• MTB: 44-57mm (1.8-2.5")
• MTB XL: (58-69mm/2.3–2.7")
• Plus XXL: 70-81mm/2.75–3.2")
Drill bit sizes required for included hardware
• Roadie & Hybrid: 1/4" / 6mm
• MTB, MTB XL and Plus XXL: 5/16" / 8mm