Freedom Tube Thorn Resistant 27.5 X 1.9/2.4 48mm Presta

Freedom Thorn Resistant / Bicycle Tube
27.5 x 1.90-2.40 48mm Presta Valve also known as high pressure or French valve
Designed to be thicker on the road side and a little thinner on the rim side to keep the rolling weight lower than a standard thorn resistant tube.

To choose the correct tube size, find the size of your tyre and select the tube size to suit. Don't forget to check the valve type and if applicable, the valve length.

Nobody likes a flat tyre or tube. Thorn resistant tubes resist punctures from small sharp objects. They are by no means thornproof, but the thicker layer of rubber is quite effective. We stock a huge array of bicycle tyres and tubes at Wollongong Bike Hub and our friendly team can help you choose the best for your ride style and budget.