Ezmtb Universal Disc Brake Bleed Kit Pro

EZ MTB Pro Brake Bleed Kit / Universal
The EZmtb Pro Universal Brake Bleed Kit provides almost everything you might possibly need in a bleed kit. Kit includes all the tools you need to carry out professional quality bleeds with ease and are conveniently housed in a case.

The Pro model has metal thread adapter heads and also includes the SRAM bleeding edge compatible tool. The syringes are clear with volume indicators and easy grip handles.

Compatible with both DOT 4 / DOT 5.1 / Mineral Oil systems, however if you change between fluids, make sure to completely clean your bleed kit before using the new fluid to eliminate cross-contamination.

Whats included:
- Storage box - Syringes x3
- Double-Lock connectors x3
- Bleeding edge tool
- Bleeding tubes x8
- T-Handle wrench with bit set and storage box
- Assortment of adaptors and storage box (M4, M5 Short, M5 Long, M5 Male Main, M6 Short, M6 Long, M6 SRAM, M6 Magura, M7)
- Plastic Funnel with brass connector and plunger
- Bleed bottle with hook and long bleed hose
- Assortment of bleed blocks (Road, 2-Piston, 4-Piston)
- 7mm Combination spanner
- Pair of latex gloves

Includes adapters for use with the following brands:
- SRAM/Avid
- Shimano
- Formula
- Hope
- Hayes
- Magura
- Tektro

Be your own mechanic at home or trackside with this universal brake bleed kit. Covers all the major brands and is easy to use. Maintaining your bicycle will give you a better ride and help increase component life. We stock a huge range of bicycle specific tools, lubes and cleaners at Wollongong Bike Hub and our friendly team can assist you with your needs and budget. Not keen on that idea? Book your bike into our workshop and let our skilled mechanics do the job for you.