Envy Reaper Bar V2 650mm Black

Envy Reaper Bars Version Two
Some of the lightest bars on the market weighing in at 900g, Perfect for experienced riders wanting a light-weight setup, around 30% lighter than standard Chromoly bars.
Standard size inner and an Oversize external diameter (34.9mm) so you will need to use an oversize clamp.

Bar Height: 650mm/25.6"
Colour: Black
Bar Width: 600mm/23.6"
Outer Bar Diameter: 34.9mm (Oversize)
Inner Bar Diameter: 28.7mm (Standard)
Metal Type: Aluminium
Weight: 0.95kgs/2.1lbs

Upgrade or simply change your bars. Check these bars will fit your scooter prior to purchase.
Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you with all your scooter needs. We stock a great range of top scooter brands including Envy.

Please note the manufacturers warranty details below before you decide if these bars are for you and your ride style.

From the manufacturer.
Please Note:
Aluminium bars come with a 30 day manufacturer's warranty*.
This will cover:
Cracking of welds
Paint defects

This will not cover:
If bars have less then 40mm of fork tube inside the bars
If you modify or cut your bars
Scratching or chipping of paint
Misuse of your bars
Bending or cracking due to misuse or poor landing
Apparent external damage or willful damage, misuse or incorrect installation

Aluminium bars are a light-weight product for use by smooth and proficient riders. Landing incorrectly, throwing bars from any height or dropping will damage the bars. This is not covered by the warranty.

*The Manufacturer's Warranty covers your product upon delivery to be free from damages, discolouration or fault. All of our products are designed, tested and produced to a high standard that is used around the world by riders of all levels from beginner to professional.

Due to the rigorous nature of scooter riding the manufacturer's warranty does not cover damages incurred by the rider including grinding of products, impact damages, heavy landings, improper set up or miss use.

We actively promote safe riding and recommend all riders wear safety protection, maintenance the products regularly and take care when riding.