Envy Prodigy X Scooter Black/oil Slick 2024

Prodigy X Scooter

The Prodigy X is the tenth series in the PRODIGY line, built upon 9 generations and 12 years of professional level complete scooters. We kept some of the Prodigy classics -Aluminium light weight Reaper V2 bars, soft & durable TPR Handgrips and our solid Diamond IHC forks. The rest of the scooter got an overhaul with some MAJOR upgrades. The heart of the scooter is our deck, for the X Series we developed a brand NEW deck extrusion -The Extech extrusion. This extrusion has a stealth lower profile, wider internal walls, boxier construction featuring a high responsive concave. The PX Headtube has been redesigned as well, increasing contact with the deck, a diamond cutout and streamlined profile. The PX deck now comes with wider dimensions than previous models 5"W x 19.5" L, All these features combine to reduce the overall weight and maintain strength. Stacked on top of the new deck we have some upgraded parts. Grip tape with increased grit count for additional grip and durability. Sleek new nylon plugs and v2 Nylon brake system to fit with our new extrusion. LOW stack headset compression cap, redesigned to integrate and streamline perfectly with our IHC compression system. 'Z' 2 bolt oversized clamp with 6mm bolts- a refined 2 bolt clamp that unifies perfectly with our Bar, Fork and Compression combination. All rolling on the SECTOR 120mm x 26mm PU wheels 86A with the increased PU width assist with core protection and smoother ride. The complete scooter comes in at a reduced weight of 3.265kg/7.2 lbs this Pro level scooter is ready to destroy all Parks. The Prodigy legacy continues to grow and can always be relied on for quality and performance.

For further technical specs please see below
Total Weight – 3.265kg/7.2 lbs Clamp- Z Clamp Oversized 2 Bolt 6mm
Foot Space -345mm Fork- Diamond IHC Fork
Total Height -865mm Compression – IHC
Total Length- 690mm Headset- Low Stack Compression Cap
Bar Height- 620mm Grips- TPR 160mm
Bar width- 560mm inc bar ends Headtube angle- 83.5
Deck Length – 19.5" Wheel Size- 120mm x 26mm PU width
Deck Width- 5"

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