Envy Delux Scooter Wheel Teal/teal (single)

Envy Delux Wheel (sold as a single wheel)
Make a statement with the fun, colourful Delux Scooter Wheel. These creatively designed wheels come in a ‘fatter’ 26mm PU size (120mm width x 26mm PU).

Weighing in at 272gms/9 1/2 ounces each . The ‘fatter’ 26ml PU size is specifically crafted to hang over the core and protect the anodized aluminium from grinding.

Core width: 120mm
PU width: 26mm
Weight: 272gms/9.5 ounces each

Need to replace your scooter wheels or just looking to bling up your old scooter? Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you find the perfect scooter wheels to match your ride style and budget. Please be aware that some scooter wheels are sold as single wheels and others in pairs. This particular item is sold as a single wheel.
If in doubt, call our store on 02 4228 7366 to confirm before purchasing.