Continental Gp5000 S Tr 700 X 28c Black Folding Tyre

Continental Grand Prix 5000 S Tubeless Ready Folding Tyre
. 20% Faster, 50g Lighter, 28% More Sidewall Protection.
. Hookless Rim Compatible.
. The Ultimate All-Round Performance Road Tyre.
. TPI: 2/220
. Weight: 250g
. MAX PSI: Hookless rims - 73, MAX PSI: Hooked rims - 109
For initial mounting we recommend to use at least 30 ml of Conti RevoSealant per tyre. Then spin the tyre (wheel) to spread the Conti RevoSealant inside of the tyre and pump to the allowed maximum pressure.
Check the pressure before the next ride and adjust to your desired PSI.

Lazer Grip
Active Comfort
Black Chilli Compound
Vectran Breaker
Tubeless Ready

Tyres are your contact point with the road surface. You want them to behave in a manner that makes your ride safe, fast and comfortable. Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub have a wealth of experience and can help you choose the best bicycle tyres to suit your ride style and budget.