Birzman Torque Wrench T-handle 5nm

The Birzman 5Nm Torque Driver with interchangeable bits is made from hard-wearing S2 tool steel and is a great addition to your bicycle tool kit.
It features an ergonomic handle and a 12 mm tube, the set includes four 1/4" driver
bits: 3 / 4 / 5 mm hex / T25.

Material: S2 tool steel (bits)

- 80 x 65 x 23 mm (driver)

- 1/4" x 25 mm (bits)

Setting your nuts and bolts to the correct tension is essential. Don't leave it to guesswork. A lot of bicycle parts require 5Nm of torque so this is a very handy bicycle tool to have in your tool kit. There are many tools that are bike specific and Wollongong Bike Hub and Wilson's Bike Hub Albion Park Rail carry a great range so you can service and repair your bike at home.