Birzman Diversity 17 Multi Tool

The Diversity 17 has, as its name suggests, 17 features packed into its small lightweight body. Apart from the CO2 valve head, it also offers the rider solutions for tightening bolts, breaking chains, and changing tubes.

The CO2 valve head features Birzman's patented 'Activate Valve Function', which releases CO2 with a simple press down on the head, allowing accurate controlled inflation. The head is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves; 16 g threaded cartridges.

"Our biggest surprise was the integrated CO2 valve head. It works well, and the spring-loaded head does a decent job of controlling airflow too. At 180 g and just over 100 mm in length, this is a handy tool to stow in your pack." - MBUK

Functions: 17

. High polymer (body)
. CrV (tools)
. Alloy Steel (chain tool)

Size: 100 x 46 x 24 mm

Weight: 178 g

There are a multitude of multitools available and this Birzman Diversity 17 has certainly got some pretty impressive features. It's the perfect "get out of trouble" solution in a lightweight body. Pop one in your saddle bag or hydration pack for peace of mind. Wollongong Bike Hub and Wilson's Bike Hub Albion Park Rail have many multitools available to suit all types of riding styles. We also carry a great range of accessories and bike maintenance tools including CO2 cartridges for easy tyre inflation.