Birzman Belly B Top Tube Bag

The Birzman Belly B is a large capacity top tube bag designed for easy access of all essentials during a ride.
It features a velcro top access for easy entry and reach of tools, energy bars, phone, money or any other small gear.
And should you get caught out in the rain, it also has a rain cover to keep the contents dry.
This bag is made from splash resistant 300D polyester
Size: 18 x 8x 4.5cm

There's always something to take with you. What you take depends on where the ride takes you. Sometimes just your keys and phone will be enough. On a longer ride, an energy bar or gel will be required. If there's a convenient coffee shop along your route, then perhaps a stash of cash is needed. This belly bag is very convenient with its easy accessibility during your ride. Wollongong Bike Hub and Wilson's Bike Hub Albion Park Rail have you covered for all your ride essentials with a great range to choose from. The right gear can make all the difference to enjoying the experience.