Bike Rackz Ezi-fold Wall Mount Bike Rack Medium

The BIKE RAKZ EZI FOLD wall-mounted Bike Rack is designed to hold the bike while contacting nothing but the tires. It is much easier than before to store the bike on the wall and pull it out. All that is needed is to roll your bike on the rear wheel and guide it into the rack. The EZI-FOLD is now introducing a -60°~+60° side-to-side swivelling arms. This allows moving bikes like turning pages in a book, providing easier access to your hanging bikes and taking them down. Finally, the 5-level height adjustment helps better fit bikes of different sizes.

No Heavy Lifting: just balance the bike on the rear wheel and push it into the rack
Swiveling Arms: hold bike closer to the wall for saving space
5-Level Height Adjustment: better fits bikes in various sizes
Foldable Design: saves your space for easy storage when not in use
Wall Mounted Tire Stop: protects the bike and the wall from scratches
Weight Capacity35kg
Adjustable angle-60°~+60°
Tyre Sizing2.1" - 2.8"
Warranty2 years