Azur Theta Bicycle Saddle Memory Foam

Azur Cycling Saddle - Theta Memory Foam.
. Memory foam reduces pressure points for maximum comfort by conforming to your unique body contours.
. Rubberised base for a more comfortable ride.
. Designed for casual riding and cruisers.
. Size: 170 x 265mm.
. Hi-tensile steel rail.
. Weight: 486g.

Bicycle saddles are made in all different shapes and sizes and are constructed from various materials. We stock a huge range at Wollongong Bike Hub and our friendly team can help you find the right bicycle saddle to suit your ride style so you can be comfortable and confident on your bike. A comfortable saddle makes for an enjoyable ride experience and one you'll want to repeat. An uncomfortable, unsuitable saddle usually means pain and suffering; definitely an experience that you won't want to repeat.