Azur Shopper Ebike Qr Mesh Handlebar Basket Black

This Azur vinyl-coated steel basket comes with a bracket to attach to your handlebars. All you need to do is install on your bars and you're ready for a quick trip to the shops.
The extra wide bracket is suitable for eBikes too.

Convenient Carry Handle
The AZUR QUICK-RELEASE SHOPPER E-BIKE BASKET is also super-easy to remove when you reach your destination too. For extra convenience it even comes with a centre-mounted carry handle for easy transport of the contents.

• Vinyl coated steel bicycle basket
• Extra wide bracket suitable for eBikes
• Easy carry handle
• Quick-release bracket
• Hinged bracket allows adjustment of basket level

• Length: 345mm
• Width: 255mm
• Height: 250mm
• Weight: 940g
. Holds up to 5kg

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