Abus Chain Lock 1200 Web Black 60cm X 4mm Combo

The ABUS Chain Lock 1200 Web provides basic protection in situations in which there is a low risk of theft. It will stop someone from just grabbing your bike and going. If you need higher security, consider a higher rated style lock.
Easy to use with a combo code.

· 4 mm thick rounded chain with textile sleeve to prevent damage
to paintwork
· The chain is made of specially hardened steel

Lock and go with ease. Choosing a bicycle lock that suits your situation can be a little challenging with all the different rating systems out there. Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you choose a bicycle lock that is most suited to your situation. Basically, the higher the risk of theft, the higher the rating of lock you should aim for. But remember, thieves are very cunning and if they really want your bike, they will find a way. Use all available resources and a bit of wisdom when you choose a place to leave your bike locked up.