Abus Bordo U Grip 5700 Lock Sh 80cm Black Combo

Abus Bordo U Grip 5700
· 5 mm bars
· Bars are linked with special rivets
· High-quality automatic cylinder
· Including bracket
. Size: 80cm

This security Level 7 Abus lock is a higher security level than you basic lock and go type. Choosing a bicycle lock that suits your situation can be a little challenging with all the different rating systems out there. Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you choose a bicycle lock that is most suited to your situation. Basically, the higher the risk of theft, the higher the rating of lock you should aim for. But remember, thieves are very cunning and if they really want your bike, they will find a way. Use all available resources and a bit of wisdom when you choose a place to leave your bike locked up.