Shimano Rotor 203mm Slx Rt66

Replacement rotors from the best in the business. Shimano RT-66 rotors offer dependable stopping power at a great price.

Who's this item for: Ant rider chasing a great value for money, reliable solid rotor.

Mounting standard: Standard 6-Bolt

Materials: Stainless steel and aluminum.

Brake pad compatibility: You can use either metal (sintered) or resin (organic) brake pads on these rotors.

What's in the box: One SM-RT66 6 Bolt Rotor with 6 rotor bolts

Pros: Excellent value for money for a reliable rotor

Cons: Not much this is a great all round rotor

Please note: If you are increasing rotor size, please check with your frame and fork manufacturer. Certain models have max recommended rotor sizes and going beyond these sizes can cause severe damage. Also, if you increase rotor size you will need to use different adaptors.