Selle Royal Vivo Reflective Unisex Bicycle Saddle - Moderate

Selle Royal Vivo Reflective Bicycle Saddle
A bicycle saddle for short and easy trips.
Stay safe and be seen on your spins through the city! With its highly visible reflective tail, Vivo has your back when riding in the dark. And thanks to its versatile design and good looks, you'll enjoy a comfortable, pressure-free ride with the right style to suit any urban bike.

Specifications for size options:
Length: 246 mm
Width: 181 mm
Weight: NA gr

Length: 249 mm
Width: 160 mm
Weight: 375 gr

Length: 263 mm
Width: 178 mm
Weight: 435 gr

Robust yet flexible for everyday rides. If you're looking for firm and solid support during your short and easy trips, a saddle with Foam Matrix padding is the answer.

This indent is designed to ergonomically follow the shape of the body, delivering pressure relief in the soft tissue areas and support in the ischiatic zone. No pain, just gain on your rides!

Either riding in town or exploring the wilderness, it's paramount to always be seen by cars, bicycles and other vehicles. If, or rather when, your rear light fails you, for an extra dose of safety this reflective film will have your back.

Having a comfortable bicycle seat can make the difference between going on another ride or choosing to leave your bike sitting in the garage. We stock a huge range at Wollongong Bike Hub and our freindly team can help you choose the best bicyle saddle to suit your needs and budget.