Selle Royal Bicycle Saddle Cover

Selle Royal Gel Seat Cover
Add an extra layer of comfort to your favourite saddle with the new Royalgel Seat Cover. Made to slip easily over most bike seats, this cushioned gel cover is secured via a simple drawstring for a quick comfort upgrade to city and stationary bikes alike. The shock-absorbing Royalgel padding is revealed through a small window while working to relieve pressure throughout your ride.

Medium Size - suits most small to medium size bike saddles
Length: 288mm
Width: 197mm
Weight: 244gm

Large Size - suits most large size bike saddles
Length: 248mm
Width: 221mm
Weight: 254gm

Getting the right fit with a bicycle seat or bicycle seat cover can make a world of difference to your ride comfort.
There's a common misconception that the "bigger the saddle the comfier the ride" always applies. This is simply not true. The style of riding and the way you are positioned on your bicycle are just a couple of important factors to consider when purchasing a bicycle saddle or saddle cover. Our friendly, experienced team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you choose the best bicycle saddle for your needs and budget. With the right saddle and the right bicycle set up you will feel comfortable for both short and long haul rides including all day and multi day rides. We also stock a range of chamois creams and cycling knicks and shorts to complete the comfort package.